Flow Cup Racing

2014 Flow Cup Racing

Timing performed by    Unreal Cycles!

Timing format is as follows. Start at 11am race day and put as many race runs down as you can until 3. You have 4 hours to best your own time. Of course there will be cash prizes for 1st= $100, 2nd= $50, 3rd= $25 fastest times.

May 24th & 25th Memorial Weekend!

Ridere: Alan Thompson  Location: Black Rock

Shuttle Truck

The shuttle truck we have is a 25' flat bed. So you will be able to enjoy your ride up. Shuttles are less than 10min.


Registrations fees are $50. For both days. Race day only too.

OBRA day license $5. 

Rider Format:

Pro is an open class. Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, will all be broken into age groups.



Event area map

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Look into the past.

These two videos were from Black Rock. Past Race clips. This year it is on a different trail.


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